My Translations

For a complete listing, please download the ProvenWrite brochure. See also I testimoniaWoman Bites Dog_COVl.

Adinolfi, Gerardo. Woman Bites Dog: The Mafia’s War on Italian Women Journalists. Informant: 2013.

Ammaniti, Niccolò. I’m Not Scared (excerpt). (; 2005.)

Baumann, Sacha Lanvin. Born This Way: Friends, Born This WayColleagues, and Coworkers Recall Gia Carangi, the Supermodel Who Defined an Era. (2015)

Bianchi, Matteo B. Cher Upon A Cher-front-cover_thumbnailMidnight Clear. (FourCats Press, 2014). Read an excerpt here.)

Bonino, Enrico & Kier, Carlo. The Back to t
he Past Museum Guide to Trilobitrilobites_copertinates
. Barzago (Lecco): Marna S.c., 2010. Initiative of the Fondazione Mondadori: readers’ reports and sample pages from such authors as Elena Ferrante, Mauro Covacich (La Sposa), Gianni Celati, Antonio Franchini, FabBooksinItaly logorizio Silei, Marco Peano (L’Invenzione della Madre), & many others.

Cadignani, Rossella, Ed. The Ghirlandina Tower Conservation Project. Rome: Luca Sossella Editore, 2009 (co-translation).

Corbino, Sergio. The Naples Chef Cooks: Pasta & First Courses—51 Italian Recipes. Milan: IPOC Press, 2008.

I Dragomanni. “Dragomanni: What It Is (and What It Isn’t)” and “One Part Interpreter, One Part Diplomat, One Part Spy: The Making of Dragomans.”

Fiore, Peppe. Anyone Can Be Replaced (an excerpt). World Literature Today. November 2013. <;

antipasti_copertinaFrigo, Adriana. Antipasti: More than 80 Delicious Recipes for Wonderful Appetizers, Small Plates and More. New York: Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 2007.

Gaber, Giorgio & Luporini, Sandro. “One Guy was a Communist….” “Qualcuno era comunista.”

wrongdoor_copertinaGinzburg, Natalia. The Wrong Door: The Complete Plays of Natalia Ginzburg. Toronto:University of Toronto Press, 2008.

Gramellini, Massimo. “Slings and Arrows: They Always Don Camillo and His Flock_smCome from the Left.” From La Stampa, 8 October 2009.

Guareschi, Giovannino. “An Innocent Man,” “The Kolkhoz,” “Two Blessed Hands,” and “The Loudspeaker.”
In Don Camillo and His Flock. Pilot Productions, 2015. (Read “The Edict” (English translation of “Il Proclama,” another of Guareschi’s Don Camillo stories.)

ron gorchovGuidieri, Remo. “Camino Real.” In Ron Gorchov. Madrid: Turner Libros, 2011, pp. 85-95.

Iacobaci, Giuseppe. “A Holiday Tale for Naughty Children (a Christmas satire from the LiberIdea blog, 2005).

Murgia, Michela. “The Ranks of Winners” (excerpt from Il mondo deve sapere). World Literature Today, November-December 2013: 43-46.

Archaeopteryx Family, from

Archaeopteryx Family, from “The Bürgermeister-Müller Museum” by Nando Musmarra, trans. W. Ricketts. Image courtesy of – Multilingual Natural History Magazine, PaleoArt by Loana Riboli.

Musmarra, Nando. “The Bürgermeister-Müller Museum (Solnhofen, Germany) and the CARLOS Project.” The Multilingual Natural History Magazine, 2013.

Musmarra, Nando. “I ♥ Parotodus benedeni.” (Study of extinct shark.) Fossil News, February 2009, pp. 2-9, 12-16.

El Fabar cvr_smMusmarra, Nando. “The El Fabar Ordovician Tunnel: Uncovering a Fossil Treasure Trove.” Fossil News, July-August 2010, pp. 3-11, 14-15.

Nisii, Janis. “A Teenager and a Gentleman: For Anish Giri, Being a Champion is Only a Hobby” (an interview with the chess champion). Originally published on Anish Giri’s site.

Renzi, Lorenzo. “If This Is A Rom: Rom and Romanians Await Expulsion from Italy.” Se questo è un Rom” from Lettera 22: Associazione Indipendenti di Giornalisti.SuperMom

Rocca, Tiziana. Communicating Success: Public Relations with an Italian Flair. Milan: IPOC Press, 2007.

Rocca, Tiziana. SuperMom: A Guide to Kids, Family, Career, and Having it All. Milan: IPOC Press, 2010.

Gianni Gallo_Etichette_smSala, Silvia & Mamino, Lorenzo. Dall’altra Parte della Natura: Etichette in Langa di Gianni Gallo (“Gianni Gallo’s Langhe: Wine and Product Labels”; facing text in English). Villanova Mondovì (Cuneo), 2Eisenbichler Collaboration Conflict_cvr015.

Sebastiani, Valentina. “Erasmus of Rotterdam in Print: The Question of Reputation (1514-1521).” In K. Eisenbichler, Ed., Collaboration, Conflict, and Continuity in the Reformation. Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Victoria University in the University of Toronto, 2014, pp. 107-124.

Solito, Carlo. Olive Oil and the MediterraOlive Oil & the Mediterranean_cov_smnean: A Journey through the Olive Groves of Apuglia. Bazzano: Atlante Libri, 2006.

TaSingloids cover_SM_100rtarotti, Stefano, Corda, Roberto, and Frangi, Roberto. The Book of Singloids. (FourCats Press, 2015.)

Tondelli, Leonardo. “Alvin and the ‘Immigrant Student Quota’” and “I’m Dreaming of An (All-)White Classroom.” From L’Unità, January 2010.

Trento, Fr20cigs cover scanancesco & Amadei, Aureliano.Twenty Cigarettes in Nasiriyah. FourCats Press, 2014. (Read an excerpt on!)

Vegni, Federico M.G. “Period.” (Short story.) The/End Magazine, No. 9, Fall/Winter 2008, p. 122.

Zanaboni, Paolo. Male Nude / Desnudo de hombre. (English section of five-language book of poetry.) Buenos Aires: Ediciones Porteñas, 2006.

Zani, Isabella. “Journeys Across Hospitable Seas: Translator’s Note to the Italian Translation of Moris Farhi’s Children of the Rainbow.”


Wacosky Road #52. The Persichetti Brothers.

“Singloids No. 250” by The Persichetti Brothers.


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