Introducing Santo Espedito di Melitene / Santo Expedito / Saint Expedite … Patron Saint of Translators

St. Expedite – the Ben Hur version …

Especially venerated in Brazil as the Patron Saint of shop-keepers and seafarers, St. Expedite is also the patron of Urgent Causes and, thus, is newly adopted as the Patron Saint of Translators.

The legend is told that, at the moment of his conversion, Expedite was visited by a crow, the representation of evil, who told him “Cras!” (“Tomorrow!”)

Expedite responded, “Hodie!” (“Today!”), and sent the cursed crow to his just reward.

Thus, St. Expedite defeats procrastination, ensures rapid solutions to problems, and promises an end to delays. He gives strength to the faithful in combating satanic deadlines.

Some also believe that Saint Expedite will speed up the arrival of money in your bank account.

His Feast Day is the 19th of April.

… and the South Beach version.

Prayer to St. Expedite: “Protégeme de los males que me acechan y aleja de mí a aquellos que solo desean mi perdición. Hoy te pido me concedas la gracia de … (decir el pedido) y me comprometo a difundir tu nombre y tu capacidad de escucha. En nombre de Jesús … Amén.” [“Protect me from the troubles that obstruct my path and from those whose only desire is my undoing. Today I ask that you grant me (name your wish) and I will dedicate myself to glorifying your name and telling others of your power to answer prayers. In Jesus’ name ….”]

See additional images of the Saint here:

Light your virtual St. Expedite candle
Classic St. Expedite
Another classic image
The Brazilian St. Expedite

and a sexy, R-rated St. Expedit for the month of June….

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1 Response to Introducing Santo Espedito di Melitene / Santo Expedito / Saint Expedite … Patron Saint of Translators

  1. 1ld1k0 says:

    I love this article and thank you so much for the virtual St. Expedite candle!! I have set is as my new desktop image, in Tiles format, so I am now looking at this most inspirational wallpaper with nearly 80 little St. Expedite candles. May he guide you and protect you and bring you fascinating projects! :)

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