From the official site of Italian singing star, Tiziano Ferro


Excerpted from the “Bio” section:

“Following the brilliant results achieved at the high school, Tiziano enrolled at the university where he attended two different Faculties: one year in engineering and then information and communication sciences, both in Rome. Much better the results achieved with music: 7 years of classical guitar, 1 year of drums and 2 years of piano….

On the ‘96 – ‘97 two year period, he also attended a school of dubbing and worked as speaker in a couple of local radio stations. During the two following years he enrolled into the Sanremo Song Academy: the first year was a disaster as he didn’t go further to the first week, while in 1998 he succeeded in getting one of the 12 finalists….

In 2001 Tiziano signed a deal with EMI and in July of the same year he released his first single ever … in matter of two months he finds himself on top of both the Italian singles sales chart and the airplay.

From the “News” section:

Hits such as [Xdono, Rosso Relativo, Xverso and Sere Nere] have done of the singer born in Latina, Italy a true music revelation…. With beats reminiscent of the eighties, the interpreter presents an album which’s songs are influenced by personal experiences, and include deep ballads and one or two songs that will have dancing more than one person….

The production, published in 25 countries, had its world-wide launching the past 20th of June in Milan, Italy before hundreds of fanatics and 300 international reporters that traveled exclusively to this city for the event.

From the “Tour” section:

At the moment there are no dates communicate yet.

Comment: It’s difficult to know where to begin to criticize this embarrassing translation. The slightly vulgar pun implicit in the description, “Tiziano succeeded in getting one of the finalists”? The idea that Tiziano found himself “on top of the airplay” in 2001? The songs that “will have dancing more than one person”? His arrival “to the United States”? The “hundreds of fanatics” who attended the “launching”? The repeated errors (“on the ’96-’97 two year period,” “in matter of two months,” “no dates communicate yet”)? Why would someone who can obviously afford a decent translation settle for a text of this abysmal quality? That’s something you’d have to ask Tiziano Ferro!

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