Singloids – Can I Say I “Discovered” Them Even If It’s A Bald-Faced Lie?

English translation by Wendell Ricketts

For those who don’t know the comic strip, Singloids ( … well, now you do!

A professional English translation of the whole series (we hope) is coming soon. (For the moment, the “Inglisc” version on their site gives you a very general idea of the strip, even if it suffers from too much laissez-calquer for my taste. Those who read Italian, meanwhile, should go directly to the source for the vitamin-fortified irony and crunchy goodness of the original!)

Unlike a lot of Italian artists and writers, who seem to think that anything will sell in the U.S. if it’s got “MaiideenEetaly” stamped on it, these guys really understand their post-post generation, its language, and its preoccupations, and the tone and content of the strip is confidently “global.” Singloids, in other words, has its Zeitgeist down to a T.

If Roberto Cordo and the other “Persichetti Brothers” have just a little bit of luck, I’d bet on Singloids taking America (and the anglophone world more generally) by storm. (Anyone know any comics publishers? If so, contact the Singloids crew directly:

For now, the above is just a taste, as timely as the G8, of what makes Singloids a little gem. I’d love to tell you I discovered them sitting alone in a soda fountain on Hollywood Boulevard, but Italian readers and comic-strip aficionados have known about Singloids for years….

Many thanks to Roberto and the Singloids for permission to post No. 250 here!

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